Beards: Expectation vs. Reality

Beards: Expectation vs. Reality

Beards: every man's dream. Luscious locks, clean, long, thick, soft, etc. All these great things that come with having a beard, makes one wonder: "who wouldn't want a beard?"

However, despite this, reality is not always what one expects. This is not meant to discourage people from growing their beard(we want the opposite), but it's best to know what exactly to expect, so that you're prepared for what's to come. 

Expectation: You'll Have A Filled In Beard

Reality: There Will Be Some Patches


While some guy's beards definitely fill in and cover every inch of space available, for many(especially younger guys), you'll find that there are some patches of skin around your beard. However, this is normal and your beard should begin to fill in over time. 

Even when your beard has fully grown, there may still be patches, but the long hairs should usually cover those areas, which will give the impression that your beard is filled in. 

Expectation: Your Beard Will Be Attractive...

Reality: To Men

Ok, probably not attracted in the way you'd think, but it's guys that will probably be the ones to compliment you on your beard. "Nice beard man" or "Damn, what's your routine", among many other compliments. 

However, I wouldn't consider this to be a bad thing, because talking about your beard with another man is a great opportunity to essentially "nerd out". It's like talking about your hobby to someone else who has shares the same hobby. You can learn new tips or talk about why you enjoy said hobby, and the same goes for beards: "What beard oil do you use? You should use this one because it keeps your beard smelling fresh for a longer amount of time. This product keeps my hair from getting tangled."

Expectation: Low Maintenance 




Good hygiene is very important, not only for times when you're out in public, but even when you're at home. Just like hair, if your don't wash and care for your beard, eventually you'll have buildup, dandruff, and it'll just look bad and feel uncomfortable. 

This is why it's important to wash regularly wash your beard to get rid of any grime or buildup. Using a beard oil or balm afterwards will keep your beard moisturized and smelling fresh. Grooming is also an important aspect of beard care, and making sure you tidy up every now and then will keep your beard looking sharp. 

During the initial phases of growing, you'll also experience itching, and as it gets longer, you may get split ends. Your hair may also get tangled, along with wild hairs all contributing to make you look like a caveman. However, if you make sure your beard is groomed and kept clean, then you'll look great!

In The End It'll Be Worth It

Despite all this, all good things in life require work. Growing a beard takes patience, and you have to experiment a bit to see what works and what doesn't, but in the end, it'll be worth it.

Not every guy will be blessed with the perfect beard, and that's ok. You don't need the biggest beard to look good. Some guys look better with a stubble and others look better with just a mustache. Part of the enjoyment of having a beard is the journey and the freedom to express yourself through it. 

The differences in texture, color, and length are what makes each beard unique, and you should add your own touch to it to really make it your own.  

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