Proper Beard Care During the Winter Months

Proper Beard Care During the Winter Months

As we enter the final stretch of 2021, the weather will continue to get colder and colder, and because of this, your beard can become prone to dryness, which brings it's own host of problems. 

So, how do you properly take care of your beard during these months, so that your beard remains healthy and visually appealing?

What the Cold Weather Does to Your Beard 

As with showering in cold water, cold weather will close up the cuticles of your hair. These cuticles are what allows for moisture to be absorbed, and they'll close as a means of preserving heat. However, because of this, your beard & skin can become prone to dryness. This in turn leads to a dry beard that is brittle, and can even slow down growth(check out this study). 

As a result, your beard may look like bunched up straw(which is not a very good look), but don't worry, because as there is a way to maintain your beard in other seasons, there is a way to properly take care of your beard in the cold.

How to Properly Care for Your Beard During Colder Months

Use a Beard Oil and/or Beard Balm

In the cold, your beard begins to dry, which means that there is a lack of moisture. This can lead to a brittle beard, flaking, knots, and just an all around visually unappealing beard. 

A beard oil and/or a balm will act as a conditioner that will bring back moisture/hydration back to your beard and the skin underneath. Once you've applied the oil or balm, it is important that you use a brush in order to evenly spread the product around your beard. That way, you make sure that your beard and skin absorb all the moisture.

Wash Your Beard

Like your hair, you want to wash your beard consistently in order to get rid of any potential build up. If you have beard shampoo, then you can use that as well, but don't use it everyday, as that can strip your beard of its natural oils. 

Embrace the Lumberjack Look!

One of the great benefits of growing out your beard during this time, is that despite potentially having to deal with a drier beard than usual, your beard will still act as a sort of insulation. In doing so, it'll help keep the skin underneath warm compared to skin without hair. 

Having a beard during the winter months can come with a few issues, but it also brings it's own benefits(most notably, it preserves heat). Yet, every season can bring it's own issues, but that shouldn't stop you from growing out your beard. So, if you'd like to make sure your beard and skin stay moisturized during these next few months, check out our beard oil or balms HERE.


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