Feel Your Best: Vol. 2

Feel Your Best: Vol. 2

The season of holidays has arrived! Within the span of a month, we get Thanksgiving and Christmas, then, soon after, we get New Years. A lot of holidays means that we get to spend plenty of time with family and other loved ones. However, this blog post will focus more on those who may not be able to go home or don't have someone to go to during this time. 

It's ok to feel alone during this time. In fact, you can use this time as on opportunity to give yourself love, and focus on the good things. Here are some things you can do to feel better during this time.

Reset Your Expectations

We've been wired to view the holiday season as a constant period of joy. Like Valentines Day, it is during these months where not having a partner is really felt. Movies and other forms of entertainment have painted the "perfect" life during the holidays, but the reality is that more people are lonely during this time than you'd think. 

Treat Yourself 

If you can't relax with others, then relax by yourself. Take a bath, cook(or order from your favorite place if you can), watch a movie or show, play some video games, regular games, etc. Focus on yourself by doing your favorite things, because doing the things you love during these times can help tremendously. 

Talk Online

One of the great things of modern technology is that you don't have to be in the physical presence of another individual to connect. If you can't travel home for the holidays, connecting with friends and family through Zoom, FaceTime, etc. can be a way for you to socialize. There are even websites, such as Meetup.com, that has plenty of hobbies where people can connect online and have fun. 


By the time this is posted, it should already be Thanksgiving. This is a perfect opportunity to do some self-reflection and practice thankfulness. Think about the things and/or people you value in your life and write it down. Doing this can help put things into perspective and cultivate feelings of gratitude.

Learn Something New

If you've wanted to learn a new hobby, instrument, etc., this is the perfect time. Having the time for yourself means no distractions, so you can dedicate all the time you want to your new endeavor. 

You're Not Alone

Despite all this, if you find yourself feeling weighed down by the loneliness, remember that you're not alone, and there is always someone to talk to. For some, seeking professional help can be better than one would expect. If this something you find yourself feeling, and you wish to talk to someone, contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357 for more information.


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