5 Common Myths About Beards

5 Common Myths About Beards

The end of the first month of the new year approaches us! 1 down and only 11 more to go. With a new year comes new opportunities to start anew, leave the past behind, and work on growing(not just your beard but also as a person). However, for this post, I decided that we should start by busting some myths!

There's so much information about beards out in the wild west that we call the internet, that it's hard to differentiate between what is true and what is not. As such, here are 5 myths about beards.

1. Shaving Will Make Your Beard Grow Faster and Thicker

A very common myth that is told to young men when they're just starting to experience some level of facial hair growth, but one that is completely false. The reason why we get the impression that hair grows back thicker after shaving is because razors shave at an angle, which causes the hair to grow back at an angle with a dull end, which then gives off the impression that it's thicker. 

In reality, it's not any thicker than it was before you shaved it, and the rate of growth is not determined by how often you shave it, but rather, it's determined by your genetics.

2. A Beard Will Make You Look Like You're Lazy & Don't Take Care Of Yourself

While not a very common stigma nowadays, some will still view beards like this. However, this is simply not true, and if you do happen to look homeless in the mirror, the culprit is most likely your grooming routine. 

Beards that are not properly taken care of will reach a point where it will look dry and messy. However, this is an issue that can be easily resolved by making sure you get your beard trimmed every now and then(this keeps the shape of your beard nice and tidy). Doing this will give the opposite effect: you'll look like someone who is responsible and knows what they're doing.

3. Beard Supplements Will Make Your Beard Thicker

Unfortunately there is no magic pill that can give you a thicker beard. Companies that claim that their product will magically give you a thick beard, are most likely lying. There is one exception where supplements could help you, and it's only if you are deficient in certain nutrients that are responsible for having normal hair growth(biotin and collagen).

Besides this, the thickness of your beard will be tied to your genetics. However, if you're discouraged by this, the best advice I would give to you is to simply wait. Most men don't begin to see proper growth until their mid-late twenties, so it could be that you're still just young. 

4. Beards Are Uncomfortable 

If your are experiencing discomfort because of your beard, the most likely culprit is the skin underneath. An itchy beard could come about because of skin being dry. If this is the case, some beard oil(or balm) will do the job of moisturizing your skin and beard. 

However, you should clean your beard regularly to avoid buildup, as this could lead to some discomfort as well.

5. Your Beard Will Get Hot During the Summer

One reason why this belief continues to get pushed is because beards do look warm, however it's one of those things that you don't know unless you have one. 

Your beard will not make you feel more heated, but rather it can act as a sort of ventilation system, as it can coo you down when you sweat. Not to mention that your beard could be protecting you from the sun(more on this here).

Final Thoughts

While beards are widely accepted today and even desired, there are still some myths that are carried around. However, despite all this, if you want to have grow a beard, don't let anything or anyone discourage you. If you find that you can't grow the beard you imagined, don't worry! Come back to it in a few years(it could be that you're still young), and you might be surprised.

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