How To Style Your Beard Like a Pro

How To Style Your Beard Like a Pro

So you've got the length, but you're not sure what to do with all that hair. Maybe you just want to simply trim it so you your beard can be shorter and tidy. Or perhaps, you want to try out a certain style. 

No matter what your reason for grooming is, if you decide that you want to take matters into your own hands, then you've come to the right place.

Is Grooming Really Necessary?

Beard grooming means more than just cutting it. You also want to make sure your beard fits the shape of your face, and improves how you look. Grooming can also help with certain issues that can show up as your beard gets longer and longer. 

This includes knots/tangles and split ends, which can be taken care of through grooming. An out of control beard sounds cool as a concept, but in reality, you'll just look more akin to Tom Hanks in Castaway, than a lumberjack.

Tom Hank Castaway Beard
I mean, if that's what you like then go ahead, do what makes you happy. However, expect a few looks of confusion? Worry? Fear? 

Prepping Your Beard

  • Prep Your Beard: Making sure your beard is washed and brushed is important, so that your beard is detangled and ready to be shaped. 
  • Choose the Right Style: Knowing your face shape will help you determine how your beard should be trimmed and styled. If you'd like to check our article on face shapes click HERE, then you can come back when you're ready. 

Trimming Your Beard

Now that you've prepped your beard and know what kind of beard best suits your face, it's time to start trimming and styling your beard.

One key thing to always keep in mind is to not cut corners. Take your time, plan ahead, and always keep in my mind the style you are going for. You only get one shot or else you'll have to wait until your beard grows back the length you had it at.

Your Neckline

You hear about it all the time, but trimming your neckline is important. It helps your neck look clean and tidy. 

In order to find where your neckline is, you can use your adam's apple as a guide.

You'll want to shave everything under your adam's apple, and go up in a curve towards your ears, so that you get a nice U-shaped line. You'll want to take your time, from one side of your adam's apple to the other. 

You'll know you did it right, if the there are no hairs under your neckline. Also the hair on your neck should not be longer than the length of your beard. 


This comes down to personal preference, but if you want a sculpted cheekline rather than a natural one, pretend there is a line from your side burn to your mustache, and shave from there. 

You'll want to make sure both sides of your face are even, so make sure you're careful and take your time. 

In regards to your sideburns, you'll want to make sure you get this one right. The best choice is to make your sideburns blend(tapered) into your beard. To do this, simply start from the top of the sideburn and shaving little of it. 

The Mustache

If you want to your beard to be even, then you'll want to just slightly trim your mustache to make sure it doesn't outshine the rest of the beard. It should be part of the beard, not separate. 

However, if you do want to your mustache to pop out, then you'll want to trim very little of the mustache or none at all, relative to the rest of the beard. 

The Beard Itself

Now it's time to focus on the bottom of the beard. If you know your face shape, and the kind of beard that would best compliment it, then it's time to start adjusting the length. 

You'll first want to get rid as many loose hairs as possible, so that you get a clear picture what the shape of your beard is. Once you know what you're working with, you'll want to slowly start cutting hair from the bottom of your beard, until you reach your desired length. Once again take your time, as this part of the beard will take some time to grow back. 

With all this in mind, your beard will start to look more proportional, and compliment your face. 

Maintaining Your Beard

Now that you've trimmed and styled your beard to your desired length, you'll want to take care of your beard. Beard Oil, will help keep your beard moisturized and hydrated. It also prevent flaking and leave your beard soft, while also keeping your skin moisturized. 

If you have a longer beard, Beard Balms will do the job. They provide greater control, so if you wish to style your beard a certain way, then this is for you. Balms also tame wild hairs while being very nourishing to your beard and skin thanks to it's thicker consistency. 

If you have a brush, then you should also use that when applying an oil or balm, as this helps spread the product thoroughly through your beard and skin. Nevertheless, if you'd like more information on oils and balms, click HERE. 


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