What Kind Of Beard Should You Grow?

What Kind Of Beard Should You Grow?

Short beard, long beard, no beard, medium beard. If you plan on growing out your beard, how should you grow it out? How should you style it? Much like hair, finding the right style takes time and experimentation. Some styles will be hits, and others will be misses. However, most of this could be avoided, if you know the shape of your face, because once you know, you'll also know how your beard should compliment your face. So, what kind of beard should you grow?

Face Shapes

Before you learn about how you should grow out your beard, first you need to know what the shape of your face is. All you'll need is measuring tape, paper, and a pencil.

  1. Forehead: Use the measuring tape and run it across your forehead from one edge of your hairline, to the other, by measuring halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline.
  2. Cheekbones: Run your measuring tape from the outer edge of one eye, across the bridge of your nose, and back to the outer edge of your other eye. Always make sure the measuring tape is above your cheekbones. 
  3. Jawline: Start at the tip of your chin and go up to below your ear to the point where your jaw begins to angle upwards. Multiply the number by two, and that will give you your jawline length.
  4. Face length: Place your measuring tape between your hairline and run it down to the tip of your chin.

Now that you have all the numbers, it's time to figure out which face shape you fall under. 

  • Square: If all numbers are similar(no more than .5 inches in difference), then you have a square shaped face. The jaw also tends to be sharper, rather than rounded.
  • Oblong: If the length of the face is the largest number, and the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in length, then you have an oblong face. 
  • Oval: For an oval face, the length of your face is greater than the cheekbones, and the forehead is greater than your jawline. The jawline is usually rounded rather than being sharp.
  • Round: If the face length is similar to the cheekbones, but are larger than the forehead and jawline(also should have similar measurement), then you have a round face. Round faces also tend to have a much less defined jaw.
  • Triangle: A triangle shaped face will have a jawline that is greater than the cheekbones, which will also measure more than your forehead.
  • Diamond: For a diamond shaped face, the length of the face will be greatest, followed by the cheekbones, forehead, and the jawline. The chin will usually be pointed.

What Kind Of Beard is Best For Me?

Great! Now that you know what face shape you have, you can now find out which kind of beard will best suit you. 

  • Oval

If you have an oval shaped face, then you're a lucky man! This face shape is the most symmetrically pleasing, so you can manage any style you wish and still look good!

  • Round

For those with a round face, a lengthy beard will be the best fit for you, as it will help make your face look longer. Make sure the sides are kept shorter than the length.

  • Oblong

If your face shape is oblong, you'll want less length at the bottom and more volume on the sides. This will add more width to your narrow face. 

  • Square

Square faces are similar to round faces in the sense that you'll want more length at the bottom. However, you'll want the sides to be narrow in order to have balance. 

  • Triangle

With triangle shaped faces, you might probably have a narrow forehead and a wide jaw. This does make things a bit trickier, because you are already full where(the area where you grow a beard). There however a few things you could do to work with this. You can keep the sides and length nice and cropped, or you could keep the length long and the sides short, and then sculpt it(preferably by a barber if you don't know how) so that it can become shaped like an oval.

  • Diamond

If you have a diamond shaped face, your defining features include your wide cheeks, narrow forehead, and narrow jaw. So when growing out a beard, you should keep the sides short, while having length at the bottom. Once again, you'll want to sculpt your beard to have it be shaped like an oval.

Do What Makes You Feel Comfortable 

However, what we've shown you here today are more "modest" styles, and you shouldn't feel restricted to what you can do. At the end of the day, these styles are meant to hide the extremities that come with face shapes, but if you want to be unique and add your personal stamp on your beard, then absolutely do it.

I hope you use this more as a starting point when determining how to grow out your beard. However, if you're pleased with these styles, then that is great as well! At the end of the day, what matters is that you're happy with your beard, and I hope that with whatever way you decide to style your beard; you'll do it with confidence.

Now that you have your beard, you'll have to take care of it. Making sure your beard is properly moisturized, along with your skin being taken care of as well, is essential for a healthy beard.  

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